Thinking about writing.

Thoughts on creativity by Melissa Morrow.

Thinking about writing.

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Showing up.

show up for your work

It’s 5:00 a.m. on a Tuesday. It’s quiet here now. The remodeling next door went on until well past 10:00 last night. The barometric pressure is crashing so my ears are ringing and my skin feels itchy and raw. The Read more…

Go make something. It’s good for you.

be creative

Nearly 7:00 a.m. in Lubbock, Texas. A chilly 29 degrees and it sure was hard to get out of my warm bed this morning, especially with one cat sleeping on my hip and the other one in the small of Read more…

Buzzards and all.

I’m back from a work trip to Junction, Texas (for those of you who aren’t familiar, Texas Tech has a site/campus/center in the Hill Country. It’s very cool.) I was dreading the trip a little for several reasons, mainly because Read more…

Put on your (creative) habit.

Even nuns are creative.

Thinking about habit today: how hard it is to maintain a productive one and how easy it is to fall idle. It took all my willpower this morning to get out of bed. You’ve heard about my bed, right? It’s Read more…

Creativity waits.

Waiting for you to make something.

Here’s the thing about creativity: it’s always waiting for you to come back to it. Whether it’s been a couple of weeks of draining but productive work at a full-time job or it’s been 50 years since you sat with Read more…

Today, I am.

Photo of big Russian bell

Late in 2010, I finished writing my first novel. It was super religious (as was I, at the time) — pages and pages of Church history and people talking about theology. It was just a “light little mystery” and I Read more…

The things inside.

Photo of nuns in Byzantine monastery

Eight years ago today, I slipped on the ice, fell, and hit my head on a curb. I woke up in the arms of one of the nuns I was living with, who was crying and saying, “Sister, wake up! Read more…

Someone you grew up with.

Young girl with a striped cat

Wake up. Fight with Daniel over who gets the last mini-box of Froot Loops. Win because you are the baby. Smirk because he has to eat the Cheerios instead. Watch cartoons with the boys. Laugh until you cry when William Read more…