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Picking at scabs; or, I’m sorry, but I love men.


We all remember what Mr. Rogers’ mom told him: when things look look scary, look for the helpers. That always turns things around for me. Yeah, maybe it’s Pollyanna ostrich behavior but, Lord, I’m always just about a day away Read more…

Put on your (creative) habit.

Even nuns are creative.

Thinking about habit today: how hard it is to maintain a productive one and how easy it is to fall idle. It took all my willpower this morning to get out of bed. You’ve heard about my bed, right? It’s Read more…

No decisions in February.

Poetry about running in the rain.

No decisions in February  she said and she believed it like some mystic’s mantra that would  save everyone around us. Darker there, colder, shorter days even, she runs in the rain hooded slicker worn, wet sneakers splashing through puddles saying Read more…

Take me into the rain.

Take me into the rain again. This time I will not be afraid that you will walk too fast and leave me behind or that I will get tired and you will know that I am too old. I will Read more…

I want to be Irish.

Irish ocean. I love Ireland.

What would it be like to live in a place like this? Where you walk to the end of the street and a bay, a color of blue that makes you wonder if you ever understood the color blue, swims Read more…

Always coming home.

Picture of a street in St. Petersburg, FL

A poem I wrote after meeting a long-lost cousin who turned into a great friend.

Today, I am.

Photo of big Russian bell

Late in 2010, I finished writing my first novel. It was super religious (as was I, at the time) — pages and pages of Church history and people talking about theology. It was just a “light little mystery” and I Read more…

The things inside.

Photo of nuns in Byzantine monastery

Eight years ago today, I slipped on the ice, fell, and hit my head on a curb. I woke up in the arms of one of the nuns I was living with, who was crying and saying, “Sister, wake up! Read more…

Someone you grew up with.

Young girl with a striped cat

Wake up. Fight with Daniel over who gets the last mini-box of Froot Loops. Win because you are the baby. Smirk because he has to eat the Cheerios instead. Watch cartoons with the boys. Laugh until you cry when William Read more…