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I want to be strange.

henna tattoo, body art, hand with henna tattoo

I want to be a strange person. Have blue hair. Or pink. Or maroon. Or turquoise. I want my youth back. And my figure. I want to take that strange person that I have always been inside and be her. Read more…

No decisions in February.

Poetry about running in the rain.

No decisions in February  she said and she believed it like some mystic’s mantra that would  save everyone around us. Darker there, colder, shorter days even, she runs in the rain hooded slicker worn, wet sneakers splashing through puddles saying Read more…

Take me into the rain.

Take me into the rain again. This time I will not be afraid that you will walk too fast and leave me behind or that I will get tired and you will know that I am too old. I will Read more…

Always coming home.

Picture of a street in St. Petersburg, FL

A poem I wrote after meeting a long-lost cousin who turned into a great friend.

Bust a mood.

Ducks by a lake in Lubbock, Texas

“He who plants a tree, plants hope.”  ~Lucy Larcom, on a random rock in Lubbock, Texas Early morning rain Coffee Morning pages Revising book and realizing that writing just one scene would go a long way toward making the end Read more…



We can do better than this. Better than all this conflict competition division stereotyping. I know that being on a team makes us feel like we belong and labels make us feel like there’s an order but we are not Read more…