Thinking about writing.

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Thinking about writing.

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Buzzards and all.

I’m back from a work trip to Junction, Texas (for those of you who aren’t familiar, Texas Tech has a site/campus/center in the Hill Country. It’s very cool.) I was dreading the trip a little for several reasons, mainly because Read more…

Getting after it.

I started off Nanowrimo on November 1st this year with just an idea, though my main characters are ones that I have been friendly with through my last two books: the time-traveling monk and a bell that is a bit Read more…

Final revision. Maybe.

Here’s the thing about (what I hope) is the final revision: no more procrastinating. No more saying, “Oh, I’ll figure that out later, that thing about time travel,” or, “I’ll go back later and format all of his inner thoughts Read more…

Always coming home.

Picture of a street in St. Petersburg, FL

A poem I wrote after meeting a long-lost cousin who turned into a great friend.