Melissa Morrow Creative

Maximize your team’s awesomeness.

Hi. I’m Melissa and I love helping people do their best creative work, especially when it comes to web content. I can contribute to your team’s already awesome talent with my:

Experience. I have 25 years of creating great content: copy editing, writing, coding, SEO, accessibility, CMS, design, graphics, video; always with an eye for clarity and relevance.

Ability to see the big picture. Brainstorming is my brand. Creative problem solving is my superpower.

Keen eye. I am super detail-oriented, sometimes to a fault. I apologize in advance.

Passion. I have a deep-seated need for content to be correct, helpful, clear, concise and beautiful. Again, I apologize.

I am also:

Educated. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and have also attended many workshops and conferences through the American Copy Editors Society (ACES).

Prepared. I have many years of experience as a freelancer and telecommuter and my home office has all the equipment necessary (and maybe a few extras) to work diligently and productively.

Collaborative. I love people and deeply believe we do our best work together.


Copy editing

While at Texas Tech University eLearning, I worked with a team of creative professionals to manage and our 12 related websites (including and This included editing the content to fit voice, brand and AP style as well as for accessibility and SEO. I also created a good portion of the content, especially on the prospective student portal. Our team wrote a collaborative piece about the redesign of this portal that I am very proud of.

Also at TTU eLearning, I curated, designed and copy edited four email newsletters, two of which are public: eLearning’s From Anywhere (archives) and K-12’s Wherever You Are. We won some nice awards from UPCEA for these and I loved working with the dozens of authors from across campus to optimize their articles while keeping their unique voices.



I have been building websites for 25 years. My first one had a giant animated gif and a tiled background on the homepage. I hope I have improved since then.

Here are some I have worked on recently (though, due to the nature of the web, many others have passed into oblivion.) (Custom WordPress build; writing; editing) (Custom WordPress build) (Custom WordPress build) (HTML and CSS frontend) (HTML and CSS frontend)


I’d love to talk to you more about the ways I can help you make your content consistent and meaningful. Let’s connect through email or LinkedIn.