Thinking about writing.

Bust a mood.

Ducks by a lake in Lubbock, Texas

“He who plants a tree, plants hope.”  ~Lucy Larcom, on a random rock in Lubbock, Texas

Early morning rain
Morning pages
Revising book and realizing that writing just one scene would go a long way
toward making the end make more sense
More coffee
Revising book for three hours
Cat on keyboard, cat on foot
Springtime mid-morning after the rain
Jalking (wogging?) around the park
Tai Chi Chi’h by the lake with ducks
Fresh strawberries from the field this morning
Fresh cream from the cow this morning
Blessed solitude.

Knowing that people pray for me.
Realizing that there are people who care about me
and would miss me if I were gone.
Realizing there’s always fresh hope
and fresh coffee.

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