Thinking about writing.

Creativity waits.

Waiting for you to make something.

Here’s the thing about creativity: it’s always waiting for you to come back to it. Whether it’s been a couple of weeks of draining but productive work at a full-time job or it’s been 50 years since you sat with your crayons or your ukulele or your Scout project or your fat pencil and your Big Chief writing tablet, creativity is waiting for you. Waiting to heal you and open your heart and show you who you are and draw you closer to your Creator.

Today, I’m in such a damn good mood after that kayaking adventure that I’m going to challenge you, all of you who are seeing this, all of you that I know intimately or that I have never even met: think about that child who loved to color, paint, write, sing, build and take apart and put back together, play the tambourine, do the boogaloo, or cook in your EZ Bake Oven. Think about that child and then honor them by doing a little something creative.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Do your thing. Do your art.

Try not to judge. Try not to say ugh, that’s awful or even say wow, that’s pretty good (because we get in the habit of criticizing and judging everything and you just don’t want to be like me.) If you must assess the situation, assess how it makes you feel. Awkward, silly, crazy? Strong, artsy, powerful? You feel like jumping out of your skin? You feel like flying to the moon? You feel awake? You feel ALIVE?

By creating, do you understand more why God created a buzzard? A giraffe? A mosquito? You? You will.

I am challenging you and reaching out to you with my crazy shattered heart and my limping splintered creativity and I am praying that you do that thing you think you cannot do.

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