Thinking about writing.

Final revision. Maybe.

Here’s the thing about (what I hope) is the final revision: no more procrastinating. No more saying, “Oh, I’ll figure that out later, that thing about time travel,” or, “I’ll go back later and format all of his inner thoughts with italics,” or, “I need to be sure that he refers to Mickey as an ‘it’ until he starts to love her but I can do that later.” Even nitpicky decisions, like the placement of a comma or the spelling of the word “grey” (“gray”?), can’t wait anymore.

Nope, this is the last dance, the final countdown, the place where the rubber meets the road, the {fill in the blank with your favorite expression}.

But here’s the other thing: this is where perfectionism becomes a blessing and curse. I want this book to be right, beautiful, perfect but I am eventually going to need to let it out into the world with all its flaws and shortcomings.

Ah, the hard things. They are what make life worth living.

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